Medical Emergency?

If this is a medical emergency, hang up your phone and call 911

Medical Emergency?

If this is a medical emergency, hang up your phone and call 911


What i do

Working Together.

Healing tends to come from within, rarely, if ever, does it come from “outside” of us.

My focus is to draw from many therapeutic approaches so that your treatment suits your needs. Your treatment is just as authentic as you are.

Let me be open, honest, and authentic with you, “I’m here to help you, not fix you.” I make it a point to do my best to support anyone who makes the choice to change their life by seeing a therapist.

Admit it, this is not an easy task, in fact, it’s scary and being scared is what keeps most folks from healing. It takes “a little rebellion” from within to wake up and seek help. My greatest passion is being a healer, and a part of that is empowering you to become your own healer. 

In therapy, the “client is the expert” and my approach can help you cultivate the ways to increase your personal growth, insight, and courage to help yourself.

Recovery & Addiction Counseling.


Sometimes it can be hard to manage addiction and recovery issues, the struggle to “live life on life’s terms”, coming to terms that certain beliefs can lead to behaviors that get in the way of “healthy living”.

How you navigate and experience the world is based on so many influences such as your upbringing, relationships and how you “problem-solve” or “constantly fix others” instead of working on yourself. 

Individual Counseling

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This can also be your first time in therapy, faced with cultural barriers and family messages ” we tell a stranger/outsider about what goes on in this family.” 

I can help by first holding a safe space for you to express yourself, to help you explore the challenges in your life.

Empowering You

I can also be the person who is able to track behavior patterns that prevent insight, empowerment, self-awareness, and acknowledging the healer with you.

So far, your survival skills have helped you up until a certain point. Perhaps it is time for you to recognize that you have been doing your best and it is time for a little more help.

I use various therapeutic approaches, which allows us to collaborate on the best approaches, while in treatment to meet your individual needs.

Cost of services and what to expect

“Only when we stop fighting our personal emptiness can we begin to appreciate the personal transformation that is possible.”

Mark Epstein, M.D.